Wells Fargo is Freezing ALL accounts for Chapter 7 Debtors

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Chapter 7 Fraud Nondischargeability The freezing of deposit accounts was not mandated by the Bankruptcy Code, ordered by the Court, or requested by the chapter 7 trustee. Wells Fargo simply decided to place a freeze on property of the estate and unilaterally determined who was allowed to access it.

The Debtors filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy on March 7, 2014. They had four bank accounts with Wells Fargo with an aggregate amount more than $5,000.00. After filing, Wells Fargo placed the accounts in "bankruptcy status" identifying them as property of the bankruptcy estate controlled by the chapter 7 trustee.

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But whip up your horses, and get it out of Wells Fargo. Here’s the issue. Exemptions protect assets in bankruptcy. While a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing is a moment in time, capturing the assets of the filer and the existing claims of her creditors on the day a bankruptcy is filed, life is more like a flowing stream.

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From my research only Wells Fargo and Union Bank freeze the accounts of Chapter 7 debtors, purportedly because upon filing the assets are property of the Estate. Are you aware of any other banks that place such administrative freezes on Chapter 7 debtors’ accounts? For those of you that do not place such freezes, do the Chapter 7 Trustees object to you NOT placing the freeze?

I started this thread a few months back, and thought I’d report that I received my discharge today. My Chapter 7 Bankruptcy was final on March 9, 2010. The only snags were Wells Fargo freezing my checking account, then freezing my Mother-in-Law’s account (that my wife signs on to help her pay bills).