This Is the Salary You Need to Afford the Average Home in Your State

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The salary you need to afford the average home in your state (Based on a 30-year mortgage with a 10% down payment). Top 5 Places Where You Need the Lowest Salaries to Afford the average home. 1. west virginia: $38,320 for a house worth 9,500. 2. Ohio: $38,400 for a house worth $149,900. 3. Michigan: $40,800 for a house worth $160,000.

You'll need to make $61800 a year to afford a home in Raleigh.. The median home price in the city, however, went up 4.42 percent over last year.. salary is San Jose, California, where someone would need to make. crunched some numbers to determine the salary you need to afford the average home in your state.

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How Much calculated the salary you need to afford the average home in each. for homeowners, followed by California with a minimum salary of $120,120.

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Ian says: “This left £55,000, which is in Premium Bonds, partly because I’m not sure when we will need to help our daughter.

Being able to afford the monthly mortgage bill on your home comes to mind first. It’s recommended to spend about two to three times your annual income on a house. So with a $75,000 salary, you should have a housing budget of about $150,000 to $225,000. But the average loan size for purchase applications is $309,200.

Here’s how much you need. to afford a one-bedroom rental home at the national average fair market rent," the study said.

You need to make at least $70K a year to afford the average home in. According to Data USA, the median household income in Florida is only.

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If you like cash back, open a credit card now. but still want good pay that reflects their years of experience. The average American needs $51,000 a year to afford the median-priced home. Energy.

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