The Frugal Lawyer – Why Are You Paying For Legal Research?

Auditing of attorneys’ bills by professional legal auditors-often former attorneys themselves- represents a new trend in the practice of law. This practice is ripe with potential legal and ethical pitfalls for attorneys. Perhaps the most common problem to date in Florida concerns insurance defense attorneys whose bills are audited at the request of the insurance company.

Google Scholar – Select courts.While I do understand that Biglaw has the money to pay for specialized legal research libraries online from the traditional legal publishers, it is amazing to me that some lawyers are still spending a lot of money for boolean legal research which only searches primary case law.

If you’re facing a legal issue, getting a lawyer’s help is almost always a good idea, but legal representation comes at a cost. At the outset of your case — and certainly before you officially hire your lawyer — you need to understand how the attorney will be paid, and get a ballpark estimate of the total cost of the attorney’s services and related expenses.

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Legal researchers assist attorneys during the pre-trial process by reviewing, interpreting, and identifying relevant law and case precedent to help answer a specific question or to help resolve an issue in dispute. In addition to research tasks, legal researchers also draft correspondence and certain legal documents, interact with clients and witnesses, and maintain certain records.

A legal researcher is an individual who undertakes in-depth research into any aspects of the law in support of a company or individual. The job term ‘legal researcher’ covers a number of different roles at different levels, all with the express aim of furthering the knowledge of a certain area of the law.

Why Are You Paying For Legal Research? I have written about Google Scholar before. It is a great case finder, and is free.. Lawyer,Poet, author, educator. Practices real property, corporation, wills, trusts and estates law in Pinellas County, Florida. Writes the FutureLawyer column.

Researchers at New York University School of Law and at Action Research. government is paying for two sets of social workers – a case worker employed through a child welfare agency, and one who is.

 · For one, you may not be getting the best legal help – the lawyer didn’t come to you through online reviews and personal recommendations – which Rocket Lawyer.

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