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The city provides Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) determinations to let you know if you are in a flood hazard area and if you are required by federal law to carry flood insurance. Flood Insurance Rate Maps and parcel specific flood zone information can be viewed at St. Petersburg GIS – My St. Petersburg Services.

FEMA official talks flood insurance, resources available $675,000 4-beds 2-baths. No flood insurance! Low Homeowners! Due to the extensive renovations on this home, it qualifies for new construction insurance premiums and has more energy-efficient features than can be listed here! There is almost nothing left that is not new. And it’s in South Tampa’s Premier school district.

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Flood Insurance. The insurance is considerably less expensive than federal disaster loans and it’s 100 percent backed by the U.S. government. flood insurance covers you for damage to your home, business and contents due to surface accumulation of water from inland or tidal flooding and erosion due to flooding.

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Last week, the U.S. Senate took action on a bill that would help coastal homeowners – especially those in Southwest Florida – combat high flood insurance premiums and passed the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2013.

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