Home price gains bring sellers off the sidelines

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The willing home seller – a relatively elusive breed in metro Atlanta’s fickle housing market – may be reappearing. New home listings jumped 17.2 percent in January compared to the same.

Sellers are holding back to see if things improve, leading to strained supply and stiffer competition between buyers, which is buoying prices

Zillow’s Q3 2018 Home Price. The new listings were 8% cheaper than existing homes for sale. If 2019 brings with. sellers will be pressured to lower prices.

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That’s up from November’s 5.5 percent gain over the previous November. Story continues Rising home prices can fuel the housing recovery by encouraging people to buy before prices increase further.

New home sales have been quite volatile over the past year, as indicated in the chart below, which shows unadjusted quarterly new home sales. New home sales fell off. price performance of the.

Soaring prices are leaving fewer homeowners owing more money than their properties are worth, bringing them off the sidelines of the nation’s housing market.

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