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Doesn’t it seem like our favorite fruits always seem to go bad before we can get to them? Before you go on your next produce shopping spree, take some time to learn how to store fruit and vegetables so you can keep them as fresh as possible!

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FRESH FOOD meetup urbane apartments is hosting a free and. We'll start with a quick discussion on edible landscaping and why it matters.

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Here are some thoughts about the question from various members of Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group Google Discussion board. Also check out the linkedin group of the same name. Tom. Don’t think it will make a dent in conventional product and a negligible dip in organics.

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Fresh produce may also become contaminated after it is harvested, such as during preparation or storage. Produce that has not been recalled still should be handled as safely as possible. So, even produce that has not been recalled should be handled with proper care: Start with clean hands — wash them for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm.

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The Fresh Produce Game is Changing – Impressions from the EU Fresh Forum in Rotterdam; September 2, 2019. Blog. The Fresh Produce Game is Changing – Impressions from the EU Fresh Forum in Rotterdam. by. vision and a plan of action in the face of new technologies transforming fresh produce.