10 Good Reasons Why You Should Not Move To Florida

This is a life event that I definitely would not have been able to predict five years ago.. So before I launch into all the reasons you should consider living in the desert, let me. The other good thing about having so much sky is that you get to watch. I am currently in FL, so yeah heat, humidity, and bugs.

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Here are seven reasons you should retire in Texas. Great weather and lower cost of living are only two reasons to consider. Texas is a hugely popular state to move to, especially recently, and a large. That not only means that Social Security income will not be taxed, but.. 7 reasons to Retire in Florida.

Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Austin, Texas. But even with all that, there are many reasons to love the Sunshine State. From our awesome culture, to the amazing food, to the gorgeous scenery, there are plenty of things about Florida that make it just plain awesome. Here are 23 reasons why we still are in love with our oddly-shaped state: 1.

Check out the top 11 reasons to move to florida: 1. great weather. florida is renowned for its nice, warm weather – the near constant sunshine and year-round temperatures of about 75 degrees are one of the main reasons why Florida continues to be a top destination to live, retire, and visit.

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23 Reasons You Should DEFINITELY Move to Florida. Ryan Nickum.. Florida is the only state where you have good odds of catching both a flo rida concert and a Pitbull concert on the. It’s Definitely Time To Move To Florida. Why endure more dismal winter days when you can fall asleep in the.

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20 Reasons Why You Should NOT Move to Florida The following 20 reason will also answer the question "why do so many people move out of Florida?" Florida is hotter and more humid than where you moved from, and it doesn’t end when summer does.

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